No Love In Italy for Jersey Shore Cast

by admin on August 8, 2011

Your fourth season of “Jersey Shore” is now under way, and through last week’s premiere episode, we have got to see the crew take on the streets of Florence, Italy, for the first time. Yes, they brought over the GTL as well as their fist pumps, but were they able to pack that Jersey charm to conquer Italian men and women?

“There were no guidos there, surprisingly. It’s Italy,” Snooki told MTV News.

She’s not the only castmember who said the Italian men in Florence didn’t meet her standards: Deena agreed. “I attended searching for a nice authentic man, and without a doubt: I came across a couple of,” she said. “But no guidos. It turned out more like Lean Cuisines.”

Snooki added, “They weren’t even Lean Cuisines; these were like skinny Gumbys.”

Although the ladies did not have any luck, it may seem the only men of the home – Mike, Vinny and Pauly (also referred to as MVP) – can find a nice Italian girl. Well, you better think again.

“It’s a whole lot harder to get than you imagine,” Vinny said. “Florence is definitely an international city, a lot of Americans, when we did discover the Italian girls, they were very mature. They’re willing to settle down at a young age.”

A person that probably isn’t willing to settle down anytime soon, the specific situation, seemed to don’t have any problem translating his smooth-talking ways into Italian women’s hearts.

“Italian women there were very sweet. I obtained a chance to know 1 or 2 that did not speak a lick of English,” the Situation said. “There really isn’t a language barrier ’cause at the end of the day, you know there’s one language: It does not take language of love.”

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